Diplomat Agent Dr. Malachi Z. York # 003828-04, arrested under Mis-Nomered “Dwight York”, was accused of racketeering money and transporting minors across US state lines for the intentions of sexual intercourse, later found in his trail to be untrue. Dr. Malachi Z. York plead not guilty, but then government officials threaten Dr. York that if he did not accept a 15 year old sentence and take a plea of guilt, his wife and other members of his office, would be prosecuted; some who even had life threaten diseases. He took the plea of guilty while under duress and a few months later the U.S Courts rejected his plea of guilt and proceeded to have a trail, which all jurors were hand-picked by the Judge Ashley C. Royal in his hometown Brunswick GA, USA. The U.S government then proceeded with trail and convicted Dr. York of RICO conspiracy Act (18 U.S.C. §1962(d)) (Structuring Money) and Man Travel Act 18 U.S.C. § 2423 (Transporting minors across state lines with the INTENTIONS of sexually intercourse) and gave him an unjustly sentencing of 135 years, where currently he resides at U.S Penitentiary Florence ADX Prison, also known as the worst prison in the world. This prison has been known to torture Dr. Malachi Z. York by not providing him with proper medical facilities and treatment to treat his life threating illness of Hereditary Angioedema (HEA) which causes swelling all over the body including throat and chest leading to death; which in several occasion Dr. York has been rusticated back to life while in prison. According to the Amicus Brief filed March 9th 2005 in the USA on behalf of Liberian Attorneys, the key witness Habibah Washington recanted her testimony about Dr. York in a written affidavit, stating that all she said about him having sexual relations with children and structuring money were all lies made up with ex-members of his Dr. York’s congregation and U.S government officials. With over 30,000 members visiting near Dr. York Consular Post which resided on 476 acres of land in Eatonton, GA, the heart of racism in America, and with Dr. Malachi Z. York focuses on educating Africans of Diaspora in America, about their true roots and returning to help re-build Africa, it is very possible how Habiba Washington’s affidavit of her confessing conspiracy, to be an actual fact for the reason they sought to destroy Dr. York character and person.

In 2004, Diplomat Agent and Counsel General Dr. Malachi Z. York were finally able to reach out to Liberia for legal assistance, after having no connections since his arbitrarily arrest on May 8, 2002. On July, 02 2004 Dr. Malachi Z York filed a petition for Declaratory Judgement and it was brought before the 6th Judicial Circuit, Civil Law Court in Montserrado County, Liberia. On July 21, 2004 a Final Judgement was made by presiding Judge Yusiff D. Kaba and he said in quotes:

“As regards the issue of diplomatic immunity, the record in this case established the fact that Petitioner, Dr. Malachi Z. York, was duly appointed by the Government of Liberia as a Consular on December 15, 1999.“

”The fact of petitioner’s appointment is not in dispute. Petitioner squarely falls under our domestic and international laws, within the category of diplomatic personnel with all immunities appertaining thereto.”

“Respondent (Liberia) is hereby ordered to protect and defend the person and premises of Petitioner as a Diplomatic personnel, to all intents and purposes, and in light of that, Respondent is further ordered to liaise with the Government of the United States of America, to ensure the effective endorsement of this judgement.”

Until this day, Dr. Malachi Z. York remains prisoner to a foreign country, being abused and tortured in one of the worlds most secured prison all because Liberia Government fails to protect and repatriate their citizen and diplomatic agent.

Hidden Secrets Between Liberia and Consul General & Diplomatic Agent Dr. Malachi Z. York

The Republic of Liberia hired their own Liberian Attorneys; Cllr: Francis Y.S. Garlawolu, Cllr: Jenkins K.Z.B. Scott, and Attorney: Morris Kaba to fight on behalf of Consul General & Diplomatic Agent (#003828-04) Dr. Malachi Z York by filing an Amicus Brief to the U.S Appeals Court in Atlanta, GA on March 9th 2005, which was in favor of Dr. Malachi Z. York, requesting his charges to be dropped and for his immediate release, yet the request submitted was ignored by the U.S and Diplomat Agent Dr. York remained arbitrarily detained. On August 13th 2008 another Judicial Notice was filed on behalf of Liberian Attorney Cllr: Francis Y.S. Garlawolu, informing The Courts of Dr. Malachi Z. York Diplomatic Status, Liberian Citizenship, and the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic & Consular Relations 1961/1963. All Judicial Notices filed on behalf of Dr. Malachi Z, York has been morally and unconstitutional ignored. After the decision of the U.S ignoring the Judicial Notices, The U.S state department sent Liberia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs a letter stating that Dr. Malachi Z. York is a United States Citizen and not a Liberian Citizen. To confirm that Liberia did have all of Dr. Malachi Z. York’s documents proving his citizenship and diplomatic status, a Liberian Attorney, Jerome G. Korkoya was hired, and he sent a letter attached with documents, to the U.S Liberian Embassy to inform the U.S State Department and any other branches of the U.S government to confirm that he is indeed a Liberian citizen, Counsel General, and Diplomat of Liberia. Since then, Liberia has failed to take appropriate means to protect and repatriate their Counsel General and Diplomat Dr. Malachi Z. York, also violating the rules of the Vienna Convention On Diplomatic & Counsel Relations.
To bring to the attention of ECOWAS, Dr. Malachi Z. York filed a Judicial Notice in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Court located in Nigeria, on the 10th of July 2014, and lodged before ECOWAS Court on the 18th of July, 2014. According to the Final judgement of the petition filed in the ECOWAS Court, Dr. Malachi Z. York declared his citizenship status, Diplomatic Status and the rules of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic & Consular Relations. Dr. Malachi Z York argued that Liberia did not effectively repatriate their citizen and diplomat and asked the court to order the government of Liberia to secure his release and repatriation back to Liberia consistent with diplomatic requirements and intercourse. Liberia argued numerous subject matters as well, such as; it’s their right as a state not to protect their diplomats abroad, Counsel Generals are not afforded the same protection as Diplomats, that somehow Dr. Malachi Z. York obtained a fraudulent diplomatic passport while incarcerated, etc. Liberia’s response in court further proves their lack of concerns for claiming and repatriating their national citizen, diplomat & Counsel General Dr. Malachi Z. York.
This is where the problem occurs. Why did Liberia blatantly lie in Ecowas Courts claiming that Dr. York was not a Diplomat, when their own government re-issued his Red/Black Diplomatic Passport in 2004, which was brought to him while detained in USA by Consular Francis Y.S Garlawulo. Why did Liberia hire their own attorney Cllr: Francis Y.S Garlawulo, Cllr: Jenkins K.Z.B. Scott, and Attorney: Morris Kaba to file a Judicial Notice on behalf of Dr. Malachi Z.York in the USA courts? Why did Liberia confirm before ECOWAS court that their Government did issue all of his documents pertaining to his status as Counsel General and Diplomat? Why did Liberia not write an official letter removing him from post which is the rule of law? No excuse. Why did Liberia not put the USA on official notice when they appointed Dr. Malachi Z. York to his post; that is not his responsibility? Why are all these particular government officials involved and signing governmental documents on behalf of Dr. Malachi Z. York if he’s what they claim him to be? What is Madame Ellen Sirleaf’s hiding? Ellen Sirleaf’s legislation branches are known for not following their own governmental laws. Will citizens of Liberia allow for corruption continue to happen in Liberia and not help Counsel General & Diplomatic Agent Dr. Malachi Z. York, who is also an important asset to Liberia for the growth and development of our Country Liberia. As a leading influence in bridging the return of African- Americans to where their ancestors are originally from, Dr. York has inspired thousands of African-Americans in the USA to return to Africa to use their skills and knowledge to teach those in Africa skills to help re-build Africa, starting with Liberia. Let us work together in unity to free an innocent man and ally of Liberia, Consul General & Diplomat Agent Dr. Malachi Z. York #003828-04.