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  1. Oath of Allegiance 12/15/1999 The 15th day of December A.D 1999 Mr. Dr. Malachi Z York took his oath and swore allegiance to the republic of Liberia which resulted in him obtaining his certificate of citizenship meaning he is a rightful citizen by law under the judicial branch of Liberia Montserrado county.
  2. Certificate of Citizenship
  3. Copy of His Diplomatic Passport  4/26/2004 The country of Liberia reissued Dr. Malachi York his red back diplomatic passport while in prison on the 4th day of April 2004 and presented by attorney Francis Y.S. Garlawolu that was stolen from him at the time of his arrest on May 8th 2002.
  4. Copy of his Letter of Appointment as Consul General of Liberia 12/15/1999 Mr York was appointed to post in the united states as a consul general by Ex President Charles Ghankay Taylor in the state of Atlanta Georgia for that was where he was residing at the time of his appointment up unto his arrest date.
  5. Copy of Letter of Speaker of the House of Representatives of Liberia 6/1/2005 A legal letter was filed and issued to the secretary of state (Condolezza Rice) in The United States of America regarding to the Repatriation of Dr. Malachi Z. York and also informing them that he is a naturalized citizen of theirs. this document was written up and filed By the Government speaker for the Republic of Liberia (George G. Koukou), informing the U.S of this manner.
  6. Copy of Final Judgement of the 6th Judicial Court, Civil Law Court of the Republic of Liberia 6/21/2004 A final judgment was filed by Judge Yusiff D. Kaba pertaining to the repatriation of Dr. Malachi Z. York that was issued to the BOP in the United States of America explaining that Mr York is indeed a diplomat and counsel general of the republic of Liberia and falls under the Vienna convention of diplomatic relations and has full immunity, yet it was blatantly ignored by the U.S EMBASSY.
  7. Copy of Certificate of the Massachusetts Vital Records 4/11/2016 A document was filed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth (William Francis Galvin)In forming the register of MA/Vital Records (Stanley E. Nyberg) that there was absolutely no child was born in the state of Boston Massachusetts by the Credentials of (Dwight D. York) In between the year 1941-1950. Which proves Dr. York was never born in the United states Of America.
  8. Cllr. Francis Y Garlowalu’s letter addressed to Liberia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs 6/4/2004 A legal letter was filed and issued by a Liberian Attorney (Francis Y.S Garlawolu)to (Acting Minister) of Liberia (Hon. Abraham Massalley) Requesting that the Government of Liberia proceed with proof to the U.S government that Mr. York is indeed a citizen and repatriate him.
  9. Liberia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Letter addressed to the US Department of State 6/14/2004 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Monrovia, Liberia. drafted up and legal document to State Department and the U.S Embassy as a respond from a letter that they received from Dr. Malachi Z. York through (the Garlawolu Law Office) in order to come up with a plan to return Dr. York home.
  10. Certificate issued by Liberia’s Acting Minister of Justice & Attorney General  2/29/2005 Cllr Edward K. Goba acting (Ministry of Justice & Attorney General) at the time.Filed a legal document certifying that: Mary mamie Howe (Notary public) for the republic of Liberia did indeed Notarized the Amicus brief that was filed on the behalf of Dr. York by the republic of Liberia, montserrado county. Hence proving that Liberia acknowledges that Dr. Malachi Z. York is indeed a citizen of Liberia.
  11. H.E. Charles Minor’s Letter pertaining to the release and repatriation of Dr York8/30/2006 this legal letter was written up explaining and also confirming the process in which Dr. Malachi Z. York obtained his naturalized citizenship in the republic of Liberia by given dates and former president Charles G. Taylor.
  12. Articles of Incorporation of his church in Liberia
  13. Counsellor Jerome George Korkoya’s Letter addressed to the US Embassy near Monrovia 10/25/2012 A Legal Document was written up on behalf of Dr. Malachi Z. York by Cllr Jerome G. Korkoya a consular at law for and in the Republic of Liberia.  at the request of Dr. York for him to put on file and confirm all of his paperwork on legal file which he executed and submitted to the U.S Consular Office in the U.S Embassy. Note: See Receipt on last page of document.
  14. Letter of Request for Counsellor visit written by the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC  3/20/2014 a Diplomatic letter was sent from Jeff Gongoct Downana (Deputy Chief of Mission) for the Republic of Liberia. To Cllr Robinson (Legal Department) for the U.S Penitentiary in which Diplomatic Agent Dr. Malachi Z. York is currently imprisoned. Requesting a Diplomatic visit. Yet was illegally denied.
  15. Republic of Liberia Apportioning attorneys  to repatriate Dr. York